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Welcome to Wild Oaks/Chênes Sauvage Campground

Rules and Regulations - For the Benefit of your Fellow Campers

  • Daily Rates are for One Camping Unit, one vehicle and Max .of  4  people per site. Extra charge of $5 will apply for extra persons per day. Children/Youth 18 and under must be in their designated campsite after 10pm unless with an adult. Parents or chaperons are responsible for their children's behaviour and safety. Gate will be closed at 11 pm. Gates will be reopened at 8 am.
  • Quiet Hours are from 10 pm to 8 am. After 10 pm please turn radios off keep voices down. Disorderly persons will not be tolerated at any time.
  • Two (2) night minimum stay on all weekends. Three (3) night minimum stay on all holiday weekends.
  • CHECK OUT TIME 2 pm. In order to be fair to other guests with reservations, the check out time must be observed. If however, if you would like to stay longer than you indicated. Please notify the office. For a fee of $8 you can stay until 6 pm. (if site is available)
  • Fireworks are strictly prohibited. Fireworks will be considered by management for special occasions only.
  • Firewood - We sell firewood at the office. No cutting of saplings for wiener roast. NO Power Saws. We want our trees to grow and give shade for the next time you visit the campground. NO BURNING OF DEADFALL or dead branches on trees. Campfires are to be made only in the fire rings that are provided. Rings are not to be move.
  • Open Liquor must stay within your campsite.
  • Pets must be on Leashes at all times. Please pick up after them.
  • Hot Tub Hours are from 9 am to 9pm. Adults only from 9 pm to 10:30 pm. Pool hours are from 10 am to 10 pm. No Glass objects (such as bottles or glasses) around the Washroom, Pool and/or Hot Tub area. Please Shower Before you use the Hot Tub or Pool No Soaps or Shampoos of any kind in the Hot Tub or Pool.
  • DRIVE SAFELY for there are Children playing throughout the campground. SPEED LIMIT OF 10KM in the campground signs are posted. WARNING there are several ponds within the campground. Please watch your children. PRIVATE POND - Children 12 and under must be with an Adult. Play at your own Risk. NO dogs allowed on the Beach area.
  • Garbage must be BAGGED and deposited in the proper garbage bins located throughout the campground. NO garbage in the fire rings. Cooking grease should be caught in a container.
  • Campers Instruct your visitors to register at the office before proceeding to your campsite. Visitors wanting to use the Pool, Hot Tub and the Beach must purchase a wristband at the office. ($10 per person).
  • A.T.V's, Dirt bikes or Motorized Scooters are not allowed to be driven in or around the Campground.
  • Wild Oaks Campground, Management and staff shall not be responsible for lost or stolen goods. We also will not be responsible for injury to persons including guests and visiting guests that should happen on Wild Oaks Campground property. Guests and Visitor using Wild Oaks Campground Facilities do so at their own risk.


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